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Are all coq10 supplements equal?

The short answer to this question is no. Here is one review that demonstrates how some coq10 supplements are different from others. A few companies are researching ways to make coq10 easier for the body to absorb. In this case, you can get 8 times more coq10.

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 as it is popularly known is a natural vitamin-like substance found in the mitochondria of our cells. It is an important component which carries electrons involved in energy metabolism. It helps in the production of ATP, the fundamental energy unit of our bodies. Almost 95 % of our energy is produced this way!

The interesting part is that the benefits of CoQ10 have a range much wider than its primary function. This fact is supported by the high concentration of CoQ10 in important organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.

With rapid advances in the field of medical sciences, researchers are constantly trying not only to enhance our current lives, but also increase our life spans!* One such pioneer is Dr. Al Sears, who has discovered a new form of CoQ10 which is 8 times more powerful than the conventional CoQ10! * This new supplement is called Accel Coq10

Accel consists of ubiquinol, which is the most active form of CoQ10. Accel CoQ10 is more than just 8 times better, in fact the results have far exceeded the expectations. The biggest benefit of Accel CoQ10 is that it requires extremely small doses. For a person who takes up to six 200 mg capsules of the traditional CoQ10, the new supplement would require only 1 capsule of 50 mg per day!*

Thus, Accel makes the intake much more convenient and much less expensive. Besides, Accel CoQ10 remains in the blood stream much longer and charges the person’s metabolism and his energy levels for an extended period of time.*

But wait! The remarkable effects do not stop there, Accel CoQ10 also contains Tocotrienols, the most active form of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols are found very rarely, but work like a miracle in fighting oxidative stress.*

Accel CoQ10 has created a storm that will probably change the face of anti-aging medication forever.* It is an entirely new generation of supplements which will not only help in reducing the signs of aging but also provide you with inexhaustible reserves of energy. In addition it may also help in fighting life threatening diseases and conditions like heart health, migraine headaches, blood pressure, periodontal disease, radiation injury, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer!*



How to know if you're taking the right CoQ10

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